Monday, February 20, 2012

Shopping in America (2)

In January I wrote a post about the strange and crazy things I discovered while shopping in America (check it out here). Well the other week I went back and found even more incredible things!

True to fashion I found even more bizarre food - particularly candy.

Though I'm sure this many of these candies taste absolutely fine, I have to question the names. When I'm in the mood for something sugary "Baked Beans" isn't what my mind jumps too. I'm also not 100% why the caramel chews are named zippers.

Beyond these strange candies however most of the things I found this trip were pretty amazing. Strange and usually incredibly unhealthy but amazing.

I fell in love with this giant cupcake pan. It took a lot of willpower and reminding myself I have no storage space to walk away from it. The bottom looks like it's a little bit larger than your average cake pan and it also comes with a mold for the top half (under the icing). I'd love to make these as birthday cakes. 

While at the grocery store I also stumbled across some amazing icing in the baking aisle. It would be perfect for these jumbo cupcakes.

I think I would have to make 3 giant cupcakes. One for each type of icing. And if that wasn't enough dessert for the day...

Yup that's a cinnamon roll with chocolate icing. Why haven't I had one of these before?!?!
After a long day of shopping my family and I decided to get some dinner at what looked like a VERY popular restaurant (there was a half an hour wait at 3:00 pm) called the Texas Roadhouse. In it's simplest description this place is a steakhouse. In a more accurate description its a steakhouse to end all steakhouses.  (Sorry for the dark pictures! My flash didn't want to work)

We started with beer and rolls. This giant only cost $2.25! Don't get prices like that in Canada. And the rolls came with the most amazing cinnamon butter. I could've had them the entire night and been happy. 

I'm not much of a red meat eater, so I ended up getting the chicken fingers with a sweet potato as a side. They came with a very spicy sauce and had a pretty light breading which was also pretty spicy. Thankfully I like spicy food so this was a huge plus for me. The piece de resistance however was the sweet potato. I decided to get it "loaded" which meant it came with brown sugar and marshmallows on top. Want a better look?

Mmmm. It was a sugar junkie's heaven. My family thought I was crazy for ordering it but it ended up being my favourite part of the meal. The chicken fingers were quite greasy and heavy and I found I couldn't eat more than two of this one. But I ate every last bite of this beautiful sweet potato. 

All in all this was a GREAT trip to America and though most of the things I found are incredibly bad for you they were still things I totally wanted to buy and try out for myself. 


  1. Fact 1- I have seen most of these products before (Except for those candies :/)

    Fact 2- I used to work at a restaurant called Logan's Roadhouse and from what I've heard it is almost exactly like Texas (one of our servers used to work there... whenever I was annoyed with her I'd tell her to "go back to Texas"). Literally the only thing I miss about working there is the rolls, but I've seen recipes for them on pinterest that I've been meaning to try?

    Do they let you throw peanuts on the floor at Texas? As an employee, that was the bane of my existence at Logan's.

    1. I think you need to find some of these products and test them out for you. Because some of them (*cough* Oreo icing) look truly amazing.

      Nope no peanuts on the floor at Texas. They give you a second bucket for the shells. But the staff does spontaneously break into line dancing throughout the meal.

      If you try out the roll recipe let me know! They were so good.

  2. I love these posts.

    The candy is kind of funny. The baked beans are just candy coated peanuts...I've never had them, probably because the name is so wonky. Dum Dum are amazing though! They have every flavor of sucker you could ever want, and a few that you don't think of like Green Apple, Cream Soda, and Orange Cream...and then there are the dreaded Root Beer and Popcorn flavors. You have a point on the names though...I've always been rather concerned as to why they were called Dum Dums.

    Also I need to know what store you found that Oreo Icing in...I have no need for it but I want it, lol.

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