About Me

Hi! I'm Christa and welcome to Bibliophile's Guide to the Galaxy!
I would use the following words to describe myself: nerd, fangirl, book addict, dog lover, Ravenclaw, Nerdfighter, a little big country, french fry afficinado, writer, a little bit rock and roll and blogger.
Other might choose words like: random, weird, awesome.
But if you want a more official bio:
I'm a total book addict and I blog regularly about speculative fiction at an awesome site called Hooked on Books (http://christashookedonbooks.blogspot.com) and have recently started working in the publishing industry. I specifically work in marketing and production so I basically make and sell books for a living. It's the bomb. When I'm not doing bookish things you most likely find me playing with my adorable Australian shepherd Riker (as in William T), watching amazing television like Star Trek, Dr Who, Fringe or Criminal Minds, knitting, spending way too much time on Twitter and various other social media and making geeky crafts/baked goods.
This is my personal blog, for me to talk about non-bookish things that I love! You don't have to read it but if you do I think you're awesome and would totally give you a cookie.
Contact Info!!

Email - Christajls@gmail.com

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