Sunday, May 27, 2012

Doctor Who Watch a Thon Season 1 Episode 13 "The Parting of Ways"

As an effort to justify our somewhat obsessive T.V watching Meghan (Of Coffee and Wizards and @MegTao on Twitter) and myself have decided to undertake a Doctor Who Watch-a-long. We'll be starting with the beginning of the 2005 relaunch and will be posting about one episode each Friday, on our respective blogs. We hope you'll join in – whether as a re-watch or to discover the Doctor for the first time!
*just a heads up each post may contain spoilers for that episode and then ones before it*

Episode Summary

Written by: Russel T Davies
Directed by: Joe Ahearne
As the Dalek fleet approaches Earth, the Doctor and Jack land the TARDIS on the Dalek othership to rescue Rose Tyler, using the tribophysical waveform macro-kinetic extrapolator to protect themselves from the Dalek weapons. The Dalek Emperor, who describes himself as a god, explains that he managed to survive the Time War in a crippled ship, and rebuilt the race by harvesting genetic materials from the humans such as those delivered from the Game Station. The Doctor observes that the Daleks have gained human traits and emotion by this process and have, because of their creed and resulting self-hate, become deadlier than ever. After bringing Rose aboard, the Doctor returns the TARDIS to the Game Station and works with Jack and the remaining humans aboard to prepare for the Dalek attack.

Thoughts on the Episode
I have so much love for this episode. I'm going to have to break it down into points.

1) Giant Emperor Dalek. Say what you will about this evil giant Dalek but part of me thinks he's totally awesome. He is a survivor. All his people died so what did he do? Got some new people! I can't say I approve of his methods but at least he didn't give up. Also his creation of a new race of Daleks brings to light some interesting questions about god, religion and beliefs. As a former Religious Studies major I was in philosophical heaven! (pun intended)

2) Jack being a hero. When we first met Jack he was an intergalactic cowboy. He had his own charm and charisma. He was amazing all on his own. But the last few episodes he's totally been living in the Doctor's shadow (to be fair it is the Doctor's show - but still). This episode however he really takes charge and is a hero in his own right. I was so proud.

And then they leave him there. But we'll talk about that later...

3) Rose saving the day (or refusing to be a bystander) When Rose got sent back to her own time and gave that speech about standing by and doing nothing while the world ends, I wanted to cheer. I love when Doctor Who touches on some more serious issues and this episode does it twice! Once with the Daleks and religion and now with Rose and the idea of standing by and doing nothing. This is where my love of Rose becomes set in stone. She goes back to the Doctor knowing full well she could die - but she goes none the less. If that's not bravery I don't know what is.

4) They finally kiss! After a whole season of sexual tension filled hand holding it was about time! "I think you need a Doctor" *fans self*

5) Mr. David Tennant I may have sushed everyone in the room when he started to transform. David Tennant is not only a talented and gorgeous man, but he is by far my favourite Doctor. I look forward to posting about him :)

Favourite Moment
All the moments! This episode is amazing. It's exciting, everyone is a hero, at times it actually breaks my heart.



  2. I'm still new to Doctor Who, so I'm very sad that the 9th Doctor is done. I am excited for David Tennant though.