Thursday, January 12, 2012

Postcards from around the world!

Thanks to a suggestion from my friend Michele (of Just a Lil Lost) I recently joined an awesome site called Postcrossing.

The idea is simple enough.

You send out 5 postcards to randomly selected addresse (randomly selected from other Postcrossing users of course). Once they've been received, your address is put into the pool and you start getting postcards from all over the world!

I sent out my first postcards a little over a month ago. I sent them out to people in the U.S, Finland, Taiwan, the Netherlands and the Ukraine. It was a pretty diverse list. People sometime specify on their profiles what kind of postcards they like but I found almost everyone I came across likes landscape/cityscape cards. I sent the above card to Finland and it's been favourited by a number of Postcrossing users.

It wasn't long after I sent out my five postcards that I started to get some back. Like the above card from France (doesn't that castle remind you of Hogwarts?!) So far I received postcards from France, Poland, Hong Kong and Germany. My favourite so far has been from Germany. Not because it was such an amazing postcard, but because it came from Regensburg. When I was younger I stayed in Germany for awhile with my uncle. My uncle is an opera singer and had moved there for work. The city he happened to move to (and which I stayed in as a result) was Regensburg! What were the chances I would get one of my first postcards from that wonderful city?
I love to travel but unfortunately don't have the funds to go everywhere I want to. I've fallen in love with Postcrossing because it's a nice way to interact with people from all over the world and also because it's helping curb my need to travel all the time. However, I have been struck with a compulsive need to go back to Germany (Seriously if you ever get a chance to see Regensburg - take it! It's amazing!). 

I highly recommend this project and hope you'll join in. Who knows where you might get a postcard from!

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  1. Yay!! I'm glad you enjoy it as much as me! I LOVE receiving mail (that aren't bills! lol) and getting to see all these amazingly different places around the world is fantastic.. LOVE that castle up there! might have to see how far it is from Paris and make a stop over when I go ;)

    Great idea for a post! Maybe I should share some of the fun ones I got too! (LOL, got one yesterday which was a super downer.. person was like "I live here and we have to eat junk food and have low pay... and i don't know what my future will be like...." 0_o