Monday, April 30, 2012

What to watch

So after 2 months I have finally watched Seasons 1-4 of Merlin. I have absolutely loved the entire journey that has been this show so far but now I have to wait until the fall for more episodes. In the meantime I have a whole list of shows I want to watch and I need you to help me decide what to watch next. Here are the options:
- Stargate
- Downton Abbey
- Dollhouse
- Battlestar Galatica

 Let the voting commence!

*update: Right now the voting is tied between Stargate and Downton Abbey. Such completely different shows! I'm excited to watch either one. I'll keep the voting open for one more day.

Update: So between this blog and Twitter it seems like my next show will be Stargate. Although there are A LOT of seasons of it and there was a strong showing for Downton Abbey so I may watch them simultaneously. 


  1. I will always vote for Stargate, but it does sort of depend on your mood. Stargate is very relaxing action, good for zenning out in front of the tv (much like Merlin). Battlestar is a lot darker, but also VERY addictive - I think I watched the lot in under a week... Dollhouse is awesome to start with, but I have to admit I got a bit over it towards the end. Still, it is very actiony and intriguing and plus, Joss Whedon. Downton Abbey is just lovely: lovely clothes, lovely sets, less than lovely but awesome characters. You will just have to watch them all.

  2. Ooh I haven't really watched any of those... I tried to watch BSG, but couldn't really get into it.. :/

    Therefore....... I am of NO help whatsoever... lol.. :(

    I hear Downton Abbey is good tho.. so maybe my vote is for that!

  3. I am voting very strongly for Downton Abbey. I am completely OBSESSED with this show. It draws you in because the characters and storylines are amazing. However, I must agree with the above: the sets and costumes are beautiful. Also, Maggie Smith.

  4. Out of your choices I've only watched Stargate...I know, I'm not a very good geek sometimes. It's an awesome show, but like "StuffedO" said it's good for just kind of relaxing too. I want to watch Downton Abbey and Battlestar but I haven't really been in the mood

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